What’s iCookie?


Anti-lost Tracker connected withSmartphone application.
You can find Cookie from Smartphone (icookie App.) and find Smartphone from Cookie.
So, you can not lose your child in crowded area (such as park and shopping mall) and also you can be
notified whenever you leave your belongs in coffee shop or restaurant.



While Cookie is out of range (10~20m) from Smartphone, both Cookie and Smartphone will be alerted with Sound.
[ Alert on Smartphone is based on its setting of sound or vibration or both]


Radar displays strength of Tracker Radio Signal. The signal strength is proportional to the distance between Cookie and Smartphone.

Bleep (Call out)

User can bleep the Cookie from Smartphone or bleep Smartphone from Cookie via pressing Alert button.

Find on MAP

Last location of the lost item is displayed on MAP.
So, user can track the last location ,that Cookie is apart from Smartphone, so that user can find the lost item. [ location information is from Smartphone location data, such as GPS or network]

Example of use

Prevent Missing Child

Parent can be notified or alerted when child is out Of sight via Cookie.

Prevent Missing Pet

While missing pet, owner can be alerted its pet via Smartphone app of Cookie.

Prevent Missing belongings

The thing ,that you could miss, such as Key, Wallet, Bag, Remote controller can be located by Cookie and its app.

Prevent Missing Smartphone

When your phone is out of range, Cookie shall send Alert to you.